McNits: Mike’s Palm Programming Nitpicks, Part 2


Twenty-six minutes and twenty seconds into episode #13 of the season one Babylon 5 episode titled “Signs and Portents” (originally to be titled “Raiding Party” for you die-hard fans) an alien janitor walks past the screen. While this lasted for only four seconds of screen time, it took two and a half hours to apply the makeup onto the extra. I know this because that alien janitor is my dad (he looks a little better in person without that mask on if you really must know). This attention to detail that the producers of Babylon 5 insisted upon is what made the series a high-quality show. Attention to detail like this is what is needed to design a quality Palm OS program.

Figure 1: Two and a Half Hours of Makeup for Four Seconds of Screen Time
Figure 1: Two and a Half Hours of Makeup for Four Seconds of Screen Time

This article is part two in a series of Palm OS program nitpicks that I have created. Some of you may think that many of these nitpicks are trivial or trite, but attention to details like these can make your Palm OS programs rise above the others. Increasing the quality of your programs to the finest detail will help catch the attention of potential customers, possibly lead to more sales, and reduce technical support efforts, but they won’t help you get a part as an extra on a science fiction television series.

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