McNits: Mike’s Palm Programming Nitpicks, Part 1


There are literally thousands of programs available for Palm OS platforms, many of which are great, and many of which are not so great. Over the years, I have compiled a list of nitpicks that I have concerning those not-so-great Palm OS programs. Some of these are suggestions brought forth by PalmSource, some by me, others are just common sense. Keep in mind that most of these are not hard-pressed rules, nor are they written in stone. At best, they will be written on paper. These nitpicks, or rules, are like the fashion rule that states that if you have a pair of pants with belt loops, wear a belt. Don’t even ask me about what I think about those kids who wear their pants all the way down to their knees. See what happens if you don’t wear a belt?

User Interface Nitpicks

Documentation Nitpicks

Bug Nitpicks