The Design Verification Module for a SAW Design Automation System


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This paper presents a stand-alone version of the design verification module for a SAW design automation system. The automation system that is being developed requires a verification phase that will be used to examine S-parameter data from test devices and determine if a specific device meets design requirements. This paper includes the specification and performance data structures, methods of extracting performance data, and methods of verifying performance versus requirements. The algorithms and techniques for efficiently extracting device performance data from experimental data are presented. Techniques including Fourier and wavelet coefficient reduction for parameter extraction are included. The core of the system contains the specification and performance data structures appropriate for SAW bandpass filter devices. The specifications contain the time response constraints, frequency response magnitude and phase, and delay constraints. Performance data is extracted from measured or calculated S-parameters as a function of frequency. This data is compared with the design requirements to see if a device meets these specifications. If a device fails, the device parameters that caused the failure are identified. All performance failures can be used as a basis for design corrections. The algorithms and programs developed in this paper will be available via the Internet at


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