McNits: Mike’s Palm Programming Nitpicks, Part 3


I was a strange child. I loved to organize. My room was clean, so clean that my parents would go out of their way to show it off to guests. For some reason they did not do that for the room that my two sisters shared. You see, my parents wanted to show off something that they were proud of. Why would a parent want to show off a child’s room that looks like a member of the mob was looking for a video tape that could put a guy named Guido in prison for an exceedingly long time? The same goes for Palm OS programs. If you have a high-quality program without bugs and looks professional, your current user base will show the program to potential users. That is free advertising! This will result in greater exposure and thus may increase your sales and profits. This article is part three of a series of nitpicks that I have compiled that will help you recognize various traps that a Palm OS programmer should avoid. Heed these warnings and take pride in your work. Don’t be satisfied with just “good enough”.

User Interface Nitpicks

Compatibility Nitpicks

Bug Nitpicks

Support Nitpicks

Functionality Nitpicks

Extension (Hack) Nitpicks

Audio Nitpicks

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