I have maintained this site since before September 23, 1998. It was originally a place to put some freeware Palm OS (then called PalmPilot) programs that I created. The main page was as rudimentary as one can get. Very quickly, the website was revamped to have a MacAlister tartan theme, which continues to this very day. I started to include pages for our Christmas photos, dogs, my studies at the University of Central Florida, more Palm OS programs, amongst other things as they are today.

Links to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine are included for some of the earliest versions of this site. Unfortunately, some of the images from those archives have been lost. Because of this, I have reproduced those missing images, made some very minor changes, and put some of those sites here. Enjoy the history. But beware; here be dragons. Many of the links included with these pages are broken, the JavaScript and HTML are dated, the pages may not render properly, will not render properly on smaller devices such as smart phones, and some of the older Palm OS programs may have bugs. Note that these archive pages include links back to the home page, which will go back to the archived home page.


The oldest version of this site which was hosted by AOL, before I had registered It was developed using Microsoft FrontPage Express 2.0. For this archive, on the PalmPilot page, I had to find what I believed was the image at the top left and right of the page and the divider line I reproduced on what I remembered it was.


This is the earliest version of this site that looks anything like it does now. It was hosted by the Road Runner (now Spectrum) Internet service provider in Central Florida. At that time, I had redirect to this page. New features include our Christmas photos, which when clicked will bring up a separate browser window (long since changed to same page popup). I was enamored with busy and backgrounds at the time, as seen in the Palm Programs, Christmas Photos, UCF, and dog pages (sorry about that). I could not find the graphic for “Best Viewed With a Dachshund” at the bottom of our dogs’ pages, so those are left empty. My résumé at the time is also lost to time.


This is a more refined version of the site design. At some point, I had a proper hosting for so redirects were no longer needed. The busy backgrounds were still there but they eventually went away. Coloring the horizontal rule red made the site look a little better. Inclusion of the JoJo and Bungles “home” and “Back” floating graphic represented what was popular with web design at the time.